Friday, June 6, 2008


I found this great video on You Tube and I think anyone thinking about selling their home "for sale by owner" should view it.

I agree with the video on many aspects. You need to be ware of "For Sale By owner Companies", especially if they are charging large fees up front.

On the other hand I do believe you can sell it yourself if you have a good plan and know where to get support.

Listing your home on the internet is a good thing but not if you are contracting them to do the work for you, they are charging high fees, or are trying to persuade you to pay to be put in an "MLS". Many of those on line "MLS" services are internet only and used as lead generation for Agents. They capture the information on buyers looking at homes and then solicite the buyers with offers or other homes on the market. It is not a good thing for you.

However, you should list you home with pictures on lagit or free sites. One good free site is There are others too I am sure. You can also take a short video of your home yourself and put it on You Tube and google video. That is also free.

The best thing that you can do is team with a Mortgage Broker that has a free FSBO program. Many people don't realize that after the contract is signed it is the lender or broker that controls the rest of the transaction.

Many Mortgage brokers are happy to work with you and pre-qualify your potential buyers so you don't get stuck in a contract with people that cannot get financed. They will usually provide you with signs, contracts, and disclosures you may not know need to be signed by buyers and sellers. They can teach you the ins and outs of the contract and explain things you may not understand.

They can show you the best financing options to use in your advertising, teach you about seller concessions and how it can impact your selling price. They can show you how much more you will pay in closing cost if your buyer gets a FHA loan or VA loan instead of a Conventional loan.

Well, whatever. This is a great video put together by a news station in Atlanta.

You may also want to view the video I have on For Sale By Owner Manual if you are a broker.



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