Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Avoid Mortgage Fraud

I found this great video on Youtube about mortgage fraud. Freddie Mac put out this great view. The first time I watched it my heart was really touched because this is just exactly what happens to homeowners that are close to foreclosure. They are desperate and at that point will believe anyone that sounds real.

There is a lot of mortgage fraud in the mortgage industry but it has always been there, just like in other industries. The media is blowing it out of sight now because of the election and the slow in our economy.

I have put it on this blog because we get a lot of traffic and just maybe this will help to inform people about mortgage fraud.

This is so Sad!

Always take the time to shop for a reputable mortgage broker. this web page may help you do that. How to select a mortgage broker.

You are welcome to leave comments. Just remember to be ware in any market that involves money. People will always want to take it from you. If you are ever unsure, call someone. Ask!

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