Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Economic crisis - we will survive

What actually created this economic crisis? I guess it depends on who you ask. I will say though that I'm really tired of all the spin everyone is putting on it.

The facts are in our history and you can trace it back or chart it if you would like. Does it matter which political party contributed to this disaster? I don't think it really matters as far as the past is concerned but you need to understand the party platforms so we get the right people in office to fix it.

Here is a short but very fast moving account of how we got here. It moves pretty fast, I actually had to watch it twice.

Before you watch it I want you to understand that I am not pushing politics here. It's a good video because of the facts. I am an independent and don't support either party but that is a different subject.

Incase the video has been taken down, you can watch it here on YouTube.

Or, you should be able to view it here on this blog.

My personal opinion is that we should not have a Bail Out. Let the pieces fall and it will clean out all the bad guys.

I think a lot of "how bad it will be" is hype too. Do I have any facts to base that on? Just my gut because they are not giving us any real information so we can make an intelligent decision. You know about the mushrooms, right?

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