Monday, October 27, 2008

Financial Crisis - Mortgage Failure

We have been in the mortgage and financial industry for a long time. We are asked, everywhere we go, "What really caused this financial crisis?".

We stumbled across this video the other day and thought we should share it with you because it covers the cause very well. Our intent is not to offend, but to help you understand the "how we got here" question.

This video moves very fast but it covers the facts on how we got in this financial mess. You may not like what you will see here, ... but it is all true. You can google it.

So ... watch it twice. Send it to your friends.

There are so many lies out there how can anyone know what is real.

This is real.

Jerry and I are in the mortgage business and we have watched it unfold.

If for some reason this video does not play here, you can watch it at:

Wishing you the best.


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