Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Non-Purchasing Spouse - FHA

The mortgage guidelines on a FHA loan regarding a non-purchasing spouse are ambiguous and difficult to understand. I get questions on this topic month after month.

There are many reasons why a spouse would/should be left off the mortgage application. One is bad credit. Another reason would be income. The primary borrower is determined by the largest income. If that person has poor credit the only way around it is to leave them off the application.

However, this could be a catch 22 if the other spouse does not have enough income to pay all the debt. Is the non-purchasing spouse's credit examined or used in the DTI calculation? The answer is no and yes.

Does the non-purchasing spouse go on the title? The answer is yes, no, maybe. Confusing??

The answers lie around the state the property is in and if it is a community property state. That helps a little but it is still confusing. Remember, confusing or not, right or wrong, you always follow what the underwriter or closing instructions determine.

You can take a look at the actual guideline wording at FHA Guidelines.

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